Thursday, December 27, 2007


So yesterday I went to Walmart (the only store in town, for those of you who don't know) and I returned a few duplicate gifts and I got a few things from the 50% off stuff. But there was another sale going on in town that I wanted to hit. I needed to get a new full size mattress for the girls' room. My parents gave us their old king size and the girls have been using our queen. Works out nicely for when visitors show up. But the king size was not working out for us. Uncomfortable and too big (for us and the room). So I wanted to get our queen back from the girls and get them a full so that we could still accommodate visitors occasionally. Then came the Val's Furniture flyer in the mail...It was to be the biggest sale in their 61 year history and some items will even be marked up to 61% off their retail price...Sweet. I need a mattress, but I don't want to spend a whole lot. I found one in clearance for $99. I bought it. But I also found a nice surprise in this sweet deal on a couch. I did the math and it turned out to be 60.75% off the retail price. NICE! So we got a new couch too. If you had ever seen the old one, you would know this is an upgrade. We got the old one for free when my dad's office closed. It was great for the time but we could not pass up this deal. We put the old couch out on the corner with a "free" sign on it and about an hour later someone drove up and asked if it really was free...We told him, "Its yours" and he took it. Take a look at the before and after...Yay for day after Christmas sales!

Old green couch in family room: (This is a great couch for kids since it is vinyl-it will be missed).
Leather couch in front (living) room:
Leather couch in family room: (I even switched out the old curtains that matched the green couch).
New couch in front room:
We even had a whole full size bed sheet set all ready for a girl's room...


Holly said...

Oh man, I need a full size mattress for Alex's room! Wish I could find a good deal like that!!