Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Bargains...

Okay I just have to get this out of me because I know if I don't it will fester inside of me here goes...WARNING: Graphic Content Ahead. Seriously you can stop reading now. I will post more tomorrow!
This all started because Jeff figured out that we could save one penny per diaper if we bought the size four in the big box...We have actually moved Bronson up to a size five and I don't know if they come in a big box but Jeff did the math and bought the fours. Next thing I know this morning the kids wake up and I hear noises. I am still in bed not wanting to get up yet. Kaitlyn comes in and says, "blah,blah,blah...Bronson's diaper and its all over." I'm awake!!! "What?"
I go check on Bronson and he is standing on his bed with his diaper lets just say~a mess. His sheets and his pajama bottoms and his pillow are also~a mess. Yuck! I go into "the mode" First I take him and put him in the tub. Diaper and all. Then I start wiping much of it up. Trying not to gag and throw up. Jeff is working and I would have to clean up any additional messes myself. I keep this in mind as I work. I remember that the bathtub is having trouble with the drain and I don't want 'stuff" floating around so I go into "the other mode" and get to work on a remedy for the drain. It will take at least 30 minutes. I do that. Then go back to Bronson and do the best I can until the drain is ready. After he is cleaned up pretty well. I go to the bed. I clean much of it up with more wipes then I have to strip the bed and put it all in the laundry. The sheets say wash in cold but I don't care they are getting HOT water. I get that going. Hear the timer for the bathtub to be done, go check. Its not quite what I thought it would be so I have to clean it out myself...EEEWWWW YUCKY! At this point I go get the comet and scrub the whole thing out and disinfect it too. Now the drain is good and clean and working right. So now I can bathe my kids. I seriously consider not going to church because I am too grossed out to get ready. Church isn't until 1:00 so I pretty much have no excuse. I happened to get all the laundry and cleaning (surrounding this mess) done and the kids bathed and ready for church by 12:00.
When Jeff gets home tonight, I am going to tell him that I don't care if it saves us a grand total of $0.68 I want the right size diaper. Some bargains are not worth it.


meghannamarie said...

EEEEWWWWWW! I just know that Jeff was in trouble when he got home from work!! I have always said that the expensive diapers are not worth it all diapers do is catch the poo, but they have to catch something or they are not worth the $$ at all! I hope today is going better! Did you go get new bigger diapers yesterday?