Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, I went back to the normal Orthopaedic surgeon this morning to discuss my "no nerve damage at all" situation and I learned some things.
1). The test I had done last week is about 90% accurate. One in 10 people actually do have nerve damage and it doesn't show up on those tests. This was the second time I had that testing done although I don't remember the PAIN from the first time. Both times they have said that I have no damage...So I assumed that it was probably true, but the Dr. today told me it was probably 90% true. Okay!
2). I might actually have carpal tunnel syndrome and it might need surgery. How we find that out is with a steroid shot into the carpal area. If it helps ease the pain (after a couple weeks of more soreness before it kicks in) then that is how I determine if I need or would want surgery. If it REALLY, really helps the pain...then the results would be the same (but permanent) with surgery. If it doesn't really do anything for the pain, then surgery would have similar results.
3). Having steroid shots in both hands at the same time means you can't drive yourself home b/c your hands go numb for about two hours. The same with having CTS surgery. If you have someone to wait on you hand and foot for two straight weeks time, you could get both hands done at the same time. Otherwise in both cases you have to do one at a time. Bugger!
I opted for the right hand steroid today and can go in once I know the results for the other hand. The shot working or not is the final test to determine if I actually have CTS or not. I'm betting yah, I do. Why? Because I always have crap! I just get it diagnosed in the most painstaking, involved, extraordinary way. Every.time.
I was able to drive myself around town for about an hour after getting the shot this morning. I had no choice since I had made time to do my errands after that appointment. I also have class tonight which could go awry b/c he told me that tonight I would probably have severe pain. Good thing I bought ibuprofen.


Laura said...

You poor thing! Arm pain is the worst! Mine still hurt from the mish!

Frasure Family said...

that would be tough not using your hands for 2 weeks. hope the shots will help. mine are ok, they get sore when i feed Mason baby food. i am sure i will have to have something later in life and will need your advice.