Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Camping Adventure

First, I just want to say that we did have fun and that I am happy that I went camping with the family. I wouldn't be surprised if many people think that I would feel differently about the whole thing.

Monday, we were invited by my Uncle Jon and Aunt Leslie to go up to their cabin and have a Memorial Day lunch cookout. It was fun. It is always fun to see them and hang out. We had hot dogs and hamburgers and some salads and chips, sodas, etc... Plus, they made homemade ice cream too. Thanks for inviting us and starting our camping trip off right.

Near the cabin someone had brought up a chain and attached it to this stump. The kids played on it for a long time. Who would have thought out in the woods that a chain would be the most fun thing to do? Ah well. Kids are funny!

When we got up to our campsite, it started getting dark and we eventually got out the glow sticks for the kids to have. I think that is the reason they want to camp. The glow sticks are so much fun. I said I would take their pictures with their sticks and each one posed differently. I never know what to expect.
We camped at Riggs Flat lake on the tip top of Mt. Graham. Jeff doesn't like to pay so we had an undeveloped campsite which meant no picnic tables or outhouses. We had to make our own!

Jeff getting our dinners ready.

Our foil dinners. They were yummy. Bronson dropped his on the ground literally seconds after it was opened for him. Of course the whole thing fell to the dirt. Luckily we made a couple extra.

Here is our campsite. We had a great spot for the tent. It was very flat and comfy.

We brought a ton of blankets to bundle our kids up in and under for extra padding. Jeff and I got the air mattress. It got down to about 45* for the night (Jeff thinks) which is much nicer than I thought it would be.

The next day Jeff made sure to get the kids out for some practice with their new Henry Mini Bolt .22. Madelyn looks very serious!
Kaitlyn taking aim...its still just a little big for them.
The only picture Jeff took of me has me wrapped up like a mummy. I actually was not cold for a long time. But right here I was cold. The weather was great. Cool, no rain. Bright blue skies with occasional overcast to cool things down further.
We had fun. The kids love doing this with their dad. All of them commented on how I usually don't go with them and this time I did come. They pretty much knew the system. Jeff sets things up. They help on some of it. They run around but not too far.
I was not as informed or practiced with everything. I kept thinking shouldn't we do this first or that later? EVERYTHING was very laid back. Jeff would say do you guys want to eat? and an hour later we would start making the meal. A lot of this bugged me (not to mention the six million actual bugs that bugged me). I felt very anxious. Yes. It was enjoyable. But I don't think I will be doing it again for a while. Not my cup-o-tea! Love you family, but next time I will sit it out!
~hmmm~That last paragraph totally contradicts what I said at the top. Oh well. I do not regret going. I just don't want to go again.


meghannamarie said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun...Justin really liked the pics of the girls shooting the mini. Maybe next time wouldn't be so bad if you dang sister would get over there and go with you guys!@*^%

Kamala Crockett said...

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raedene said...

You crack me up, girl!!! I love that you will go camping, even though you know you don't like it. What a good mom... "I do not regret going. I just don't want to go again." :) I love you!!! You always make me smile!