Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Grandma Crockett Is The Best!

A few weeks ago when we were in Utah for vacation we decided to send a few postcards to my grandma Crockett in Pennsylvania. She has been out there visiting my aunt Jamie and her kids since May. We miss her tons here and I knew she would enjoy getting postcards from the kids. They each had their own message and the girls wrote their own while I penned Bronson's for him. Well, it was reported that she absolutely LOVED hearing from them and receiving her own mail. We were so excited to brighten her day. We love her so much. Well, tonight when Jeff came in from work he brought the mail in and there was a letter from Old Grandma Crockett to the kids. They quickly opened it up and found a letter and three colorful balloons. As they were hovering over Kaitlyn listening to her read the letter, Madelyn said, "Hey, there is something inside my balloon!" Of course! Grandma hid a dollar bill inside each balloon for an added surprise. She is always sneaking treats for the kids. Well, of course their excitement probably matched hers upon receiving the postcards.
While it has been very melancholy this summer without Grandma around, we have enjoyed our moments of contact and correspondence. And I know the kids will remember the cute little ways she shows her love for them. We know you're having a great time in PA Grandma, but we can't wait for you to get back home!


meghannamarie said...

I love her she is so cute and the absolute BEST Grandma EVER! No contest people don't even try!