Friday, September 18, 2009

Been Doin' Some Purgin'

Well, I got sick of seeing piles of stuff and boxes of stuff everywhere and finally decided to take care of it. Plus about this time every year I start to think about what we might be getting for Christmas and where in the world everything new will go. So I am taking an aggressive approach to the potential problem and weeding out the stuff we don't use. Seriously, who needs five hundred stuffed animals? Okay really there aren't five hundred; but some of the ones seen here are from when I was eight.years.old! Now the real question is who the heck needs to save things from when they were eight??? I am sooo over it! So they get to go!The plan is to let each kid pick a couple favorite stuffed animals and the girls to each pick two dolls. The rest are history! Some might say, "But, look at all those original Cabbage Patch Dolls from circa 1984-1986..."!!! I am over it!
Also, I was going to be extra nice and let the kids pick a few more than that, but then I found a half eaten chocolate chip cookie under a bed and way! Some things really bug me.Also another question plaguing me...why do I buy stuff and never use it??? That would be the story for this pile. When my girls were babies and they had this cute little girls' room all set up and we lived in a place that was so small that I could manage it fairly easily; I had these pretty porcelain dolls set up on their dresser in a nice display. Nobody touched them but they looked cute. Like a little girls' room. Well, then we had a boy and moved into my parents' house and then into our house and somehow these ended up in storage. After going through stuff today, I don't want them back on display. So they will soon find a new home with someone else who likes to buy things for no reason. ha ha Sucker!Some of these things will be donated to people I think might want or need them more than me. These are some of the clothes I used to wear before I went to the temple and LOVED them! Alas, they were not missionary appropriate. Dang it! Now, of course, I couldn't fit one cankle~let alone leg~into anything in this pile so I will see if any YW in our ward would like some sweet, retro (read: late 1990's) and possibly (in some cases) homemade duds!

What used to be in all of these boxes seen here is now encased in the two boxes you see in front of the book shelf. The contents of the box on the far right will be donated along with much of the other stuff and I can use these boxes for other storage items.

Okay remember when I said I wonder what we might be getting for Christmas...? Don't make fun but I think this just might be Christmas for me...(giddy smile)!


Rachel said...

nice work. we just did that too and gave everything to clint & aubrey. you can pass some our way!! :)

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Marisa said...

Is that a red-headed Ginny doll I see in the pile? I still have my Mandy doll (Ginny's friend) from oh so long ago! I should probably get over hanging on to old stuff too.