Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

Well, first off I must tell you that no pictures will accompany this post as we did not take any the whole weekend. Sorry! Just boring ole me!
Friday night, Megan and her family were coming over for the long weekend so that Megan could get some help re-upholstering her old couch cushions. She does not sew! Mom and I do so we were recruited. I made dinner for everyone and decided to have Mom and Dad join us since we would be eating at their place for the rest of the weekend. I made Mexican which you can never go wrong with and it was YUMMY! We stayed up late talking of course, but still managed to get everyone ready on Saturday morning by about 9:15. Jeff and Justin took off to go shoot guns. While we took all the kids to Grandma's to start on the couch.
Well, Mom needed to do some grocery shopping before we started (remember I said we would be eating at their place the rest of the weekend??? Yeah. She had to stock up!) So we drove around looking for yard sales and other things until we all got back at the same time. Then we still needed some more notions to finish the project so after a couple more errands we actually started the cushions at about 3:00pm. Luckily at about 12:30 the boys took the kids back to our house with them so we didn't have to babysit and sew at the same time.
We finished the cushions at about 9:00pm which isn't bad considering we took out some time to make dinner too! They look great. If my sister gives me permission I will post an after picture which she sent me. But I don't have a before and she might want to post about it herself.

She said I could post the pictures here! Yay!

Sunday was church including Fast and Testimony meeting. It was a disaster. Good thing we are already members b/c I don't think any new people were converted at that sacrament meeting. Too many public service announcements and not enough testifying. I taught my Sunday school class and Megan sat in and saw the chaos that is 13 &14 year old kids! After church we went to Mom's for the rest of the day including lunch and tons of desserts.
Monday we took a little longer getting ready b/c of staying up late Sunday night talking. That and b/c Madelyn had stirred up her asthma again playing so hard and I spent most of the night checking on her and giving her nebulizer treatments.We had lunch and then Mom, Megan, my aunt Kim, and I all went to see Julie & Julia. It was sooo cute. I just loved it! I think that was the general consensus! After that Megan and her family packed up to leave and we came back to our house and got baths and cleaned up for school on Tuesday. Also I did a little cleaning up after the company. I couldn't go to bed with those (inexplicable) rocks still on my bathroom sink.
After all was said and done it was fun...


meghannamarie said...

Thanks for posting so much that is exactly what happened I wasn't sure what to say! Anyway I guess you could post a pic of the couch! I also was wondering about the rocks on the sink:)