Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cameron Diaz

Okay, well I have tried about a dozen times to get a new template (background) for my blog since Halloween is over and that was just temporary (although it was pretty sweet). Anyway, every time I tried, something would be wrong...I know it says just copy and paste etc...but something was jacked... Finally this one stuck...not my first choice but I did realize that if I continue to change templates I will have to re-do everything else too (page elements, etc.) so this one will do for now until I get bored with it. Is that possible? Have you SEEN this page? Yeah, it kind of reminds me of Cameron Diaz...don't know why. Did she wear a shirt like this in one of her movies...?
Well, tomorrow I am going to devote some time to posting pictures...Okay I do know HOW to do it...I just have to go through a bunch of discs and put them on the computer and then click on the ones I want to post...its just the going through them...I will tell you why...some of you will understand. My husband likes to go out and hunt and take the camera with him and then he also takes pictures while he is out...not of animals he kills just of the nature and scenery itself. SO we have a few pictures of our kids on a disc followed by 100 pics of trees and fields...sometimes there are shed antlers in the picture or a fresh kill but it gets old and I throw in the towel before I find good "kid" pics...So now you can see why I put this task off so often.
Actually, I remembered that tomorrow I am getting my piano delivered and I need to clean the front room so I probably won't devote that time...


meghannamarie said...

Hey monica, this is psyco while I was reading it looked like the back was scrolling up and down!! Cool though! Call me!

Amy said...

Okay, that picture you added of your three kids is too cute! They have grown up so much since I've seen them! They look like little models.