Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Like A Temporary

So, its been more than two weeks since I got my perm and two weeks exactly since I was able to wash it for the first time...I hate that about perms. I feel so yucky not washing my hair. Anyway, my dad always says, "You really got a 'temporary'" because perms are not really PERMANENT. They are temporary; which is true. But I finally figured out why they do call them "perms." It is because the smell that is on your scalp after getting a perm NEVER GOES AWAY and THAT is what is permanent. I am serious. Its still there and I can smell it all the time...I wonder what other people think of me and my stinking head...Anyway, with my hair, the underneath is really curly and the top is stick straight. So I got the perm to match it all...It has been nice since it makes styling it much quicker...(that is, what little I know about styling any kind of hair). But I can already see that the top hairs aren't keeping the curl a whole lot. So I know my dad is right when he calls it a temporary, since it has only been two weeks. What is up with that? I paid a lot of money...for a two week hair-do. Nice! Have a great day...