Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dream The Impossible Dream

I have at least one month off before I have to go back to teaching and I am so excited...I turned in my grades on Wednesday afternoon and chalked up one more semester now behind me. I don't know if I have told this to people, but I don't like working. The thing about it is that I have to answer to someone else. Now truth be told, since I have had this job I really haven't had to answer to anyone per say (in fact they told me I can do whatever I want), but the fact that the "whatever I want" doesn't include not holding class twice a week is what makes me not like to work. I am basically tied to this town all week long because I have to be here for Tuesday and Thursday nights. I like the freedom of being able to go somewhere any time I want. Yeah I know I also have a kid in school which keeps me here but....Kaitlyn being in school all week doesn't even factor in...I hold it all against having a job. Now if I had my own business and worked for myself, that would be a different story. I would only have to answer to myself. And lets face it, how much better could that get? One day I will have my own quilting business and will be able to say to all those who think I do ASL because I was meant to do it..." This is the real me. This is what I am meant to do." (slow applause dramatically becoming louder until all in corners of the quilters' guild ladies have tears in their eyes and hope in their hearts) Oh, I do get carried away sometimes! ; )


meghannamarie said...

your wierd!)

Amy said...

Hi Monica,

I just had to tell you we went to LaVon's house today, and Grace started to cry at least three times because "little Katelyn" (as opposed to my teenaged sister Caitlin) wasn't there. You guys need to move back!