Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got Light?

Its weird how adding curtains to a huge window can make the room seem brighter...I think it has to do with the photography of the situation. The flash is on but I am pointing the camera at the window where the light is coming in. I took one with no flash and it was close to the same...Here on the other hand I have added curtains and the room looks great...again probably the photography. But its cool.
I did the curtains because right now the front room window is very old and not that great. Sometime this year we will replace it with a new double paned, energy efficient window. I think that the bad window is letting in too much breeze and dust from outside. So this is an experiment to see if it will cut down...Plus it makes the room look so much, homey? I am not sure the right word but you get it, right?


Carrick family said...

Hey Monica!! I have my blogger too now. It is HOw are you enjoying your teaching job? What is up with you? Your kids are sooooo cute!!!