Friday, January 4, 2008

New Furniture!

Okay I promise I will stop posting about new furniture and changing my house around after this one. This is the last of the loot we got at Val's Furniture with their sale...the bed is black and the dresser/mirror are cherry. There is a matching night stand on the right of the bed. I will put curtains up to hide the off center window. I also plan to make some pillow shams and throw pillows and a bed skirt that match the quilt. Hopefully it stays this clean all the time. Note: the quilt is what my mom made us for Christmas. Thanks Mom!


Holly Child said...

Cool new furniture! It's always fun to get new things to add to your house! I'm hoping for some living room furniture this year! I won't hold my breath though! hahaha! Alex needs a new bed first!

meghannamarie said...

Hey that looks great I wonder...Did Jeff help you and/or did some one else come over and help!?! Just5 Kidding

Amy said...

I love that bed! I can't wait until we're done moving around and I can buy furniture. Good work!