Friday, February 1, 2008

For Yvonne!

Its February now...which means I get to put up my Valentine's Day quilt. I made this in 2001 (I think). I love it because every one of the corners matches up perfectly...Okay don't look closely because some of them are off a little bit but its really close. I love using red fabrics...I love doing straight lines and I love doing simple patterns that you repeat over and over again....I love this quilt! Also, a couple of years ago when my Aunt Emmy was suffering from cancer in Florida. I sent this blanket to her to take with her to chemo. She loved it and gave it back to me when she passed away. I like to think that she knew of my love for her when she used this blanket. Now I am posting it to bring some luck to my friend in Hawaii, Yvonne, who is expecting identical twin girls very soon this month. She loves to quilt and I hope this quilt shows her how much I love her too! Good luck with your delivery and your baby girls. Love, Monica
Also, the other day I made cookies for my dad's birthday and they were perfect. I have never had cookies turn out as good as these..taste and presentation wise. Since it is now February I get to make cookies again...Just because I like to bake cookies in February. I puts me in a lovey-dovey mood. Cookies are love! Happy February everyone! Love, Monica


Holly Child said...

What a lovely quilt!! I love the color red too! :o) And those cookies look DELISH!!! What's the recipe? ;o)

mahonica (you ugly) said...

The recipe is from the lid of the Quaker oatmeal...or you can go to and search Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies...I substitute the raisins for ch. chips of course...Also I have modified this recipe a little bit (I think because of living in CO) which is what I used for this batch and will forever use from now I will scan that and send it to you...or I can post it!!!

Yvonne said...

Hi LOVE the quilt. Wouldn't it be fun to get together someday and do a quilting session? I think though my quilting days are on the shelf for awhile. Two little girls take up A LOT of time but they are sooooo worth it!