Saturday, February 2, 2008

RECIPE! and a shout out!

Here's the recipe for the cookies I made the other day...You can get the exact recipe from here... or this is mine that I modified a little bit...

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

preheat 375 degrees

grease the cookie sheets you are using except if they are stoneware...


1C. butter or margarine...(I use 1C. butter flavored shortening with 1 oz. water)

1C. sugar

1C. brown sugar firmly packed

2 eggs

1tsp. vanilla

2C. all purpose flour

1 1/2tsp. cinnamon

1tsp. baking soda

1tsp. salt

3C. Quaker quick oats

1C. chocolate chips (at least)

Combine in separate bowl flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt until mixed well, set aside. Cream butter/margarine/shortening and sugars until smooth. Beat in eggs and vanilla unitl creamy. Add flour mixture slowly until blended. Add quick oats. Add ch. chips by hand until it looks like every bite will have a ch. chip in it! Drop by rounded scoops onto greased cookie sheet (which I like to preheat with the oven). Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes. Makes more than 6 dozen cookies if you use a small scoop.

I also like to make a second mixture of the flour mixture and store it for the next time so that I can just quickly get out everything and go to town on a new batch...!
Also its our good friend Scott Bernhardt's birthday today...hope you had a good one Scotty! We love and miss you guys!


Holly Child said...

Hey, as soon as I saw that you posted this recipe, I whipped up a batch today!! They are YUMMMMMY!!! Thanks for the recipe! :o)

Holly Child said...

Oh...LOL...I forgot to tell you what Jeff said. Before I started making the cookies he asked where I got the recipe and I said, "Off Monica's blog." And he says: "Are you sure you should make them? There is probably deer meat in the recipe." hahahaha!! ;o) he's kidding, of course!

mahonica (you ugly) said...

He is so funny!!!I totally Laughed Out Loud!!!