Monday, February 4, 2008

Broccoflower, One Big Mess, and Good Conversation

We got invited to go to some friends' house for Sunday afternoon and were told to bring a salad...I went to the store to get what was needed and walked past this...I thought that cauliflower looks yellow...or maybe its pale broccoli...My curiousity got the better of me and I went back to look closer...The label said "Broccoflower." This was tooo much so I bought one to find out what it tasted like. I thought that it would be more like broccoli since it has the stronger flavor. Much to my surprise, it tasted like cauliflower. The texture was also mostly cauliflower. Not bad... : )
This morning I was getting ready to do a few things...I can't remember what. When I was
hanging a shirt of mine in my closet the entire
rod came out of the wall and all my clothes went
falling to the floor. This, of course, made me a little peeved and I went into the room to get it cleaned up in order to start removing clothes from the floor and fix the rod, (which I don't know how to fix...) Then I started cleaning my room and went from there into my kids' rooms and cleaned them, then started some laundry and washed a bunch of things from my linen closet which needed some better order to it. So I kept going from one job to another all the while ignoring and postponing the inevitable
broken closet rod and what might entail fixing it
...its still in there. I don't want to think about it. Hence the blog more thing to put it off.
Lastly, yesterday after church I was sitting next to Bronson and asked him how was church...this is how the conversation went...
Me: Bronson do you like church?
Bronson: Yes.
Me: Did you go to nursery today?
B; Yes.
M: Do you have any friends in nursery?
B: Yes.
M: What are your friends' names?
B: Quentin...(clear as a bell. Plus this is the first time he has actually given a name of anyone he knows...I'm a little taken back by this)
M: Oh, Quentin is your friend?
B: Yeah, and Haley...
M: Haley is your friend too?
B: Yeah, she give to me a booger. (Smile)
Ya gotta love little kids! Have a great day!


meghannamarie said...

Gross! Boogers are gross! But cute! Sorry about the closet rod hopefully Jeff can help! Broccoflower sounds very good I will have to see if we have it here! Ps. I guess it was a good thing I didn't call. Who knows if you would have gotten anything doen if I had Called!

The Waits Gate said...

Hey Monica~it's Amelia, I can't believe how much he looks like Jeff! Sounds like he's getting real nourishment in nursery!
Amelia I think thiswill link you to our blog_I'm new at this