Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Buying A New Scale...

Okay, I have a question...How is it that whatever I read about being healthy, losing weight or trimming up automatically, upon my reading it, becomes crap and that? Hmmm?
Since the beginning of the year I have given up soda, started drinking TONS of water, been eating smaller portions of my food, and been eating a healthier breakfast than in the past...Each one of these choices was based on what I had read about being healthy..."Giving up soda can make a person lose up to 16 pounds in one year." "Drinking eight glasses of water a day can increase your metabolism faster than any other practice." " Drinking a glass of water the moment you wake up is one of the most recommended weight loss tips." "Reducing your portion size by 10% will make a difference in you calorie consumption [duh] and pounds will start coming off." and "Eating organic foods for breakfast like appples, bananas and carrots will help you lose weight." I also have thyroid medication that when used properly is supposed to (among other things) help me lose weight.
Now granted, I never drank that much soda to begin with so I don't expect to lose 16 pounds this year. But the water thing, I mean, come on its like have I had anything but water to drink in the last 52 days. I don't think I have. Every morning I wake up and take my pill with a huge glass of water and wait at least 45 minutes to eat (that's the rule with the pill). Then I eat a modest portion of an organic breakfast, and aaaahhhh!
This morning I got on the scale. I have read that "getting on the scale in the morning after going to the bathroom is the most accurate measurement of your weight." Okay, I'll buy that. It makes sense to me. Wha? What?

Apparently this is the correct way to weigh yourself.


meghannamarie said...

Hey I think we all know what you are talking about! Good will power though. If it were me I probably would have gone right out and drank a soda with a BIG meal!

meghannamarie said...

By The way...I don't get a link list on your blog anymore??

chrisandkimviveros said...

monica...i know how you feel...don't worry, i think you look great! thats good hat your scale stays the same...mine seems to be going up! love you!