Thursday, June 5, 2008

After The Wedding

I finally got the pics for our Tuesday afternoon after the wedding. Its no big deal I just needed one emailed to me since we didn't take this particular picture. In between the luncheon and the reception we took the kids and did a tour of the Conference Center. The last time I was in SLC was in 1999 when it was still under construction and the others really hadn't seen it either. So we all took all the kids and walked in. There were two old men sitting down across the way and one came up and said, "We were trying to decide which one of us got you guys to tour. I lost out!" He was kidding and very nice.

The Conference Center is amazing. He said President Hinckley went to an architect in 1994 and said he wanted a place that could seat 26,000 and no one would have a bad seat. They came back with this design but said it would only seat 21,000. That'll work! There really isn't a bad seat in the house. The sound is the same in the front row as it is in the back row over 300 feet back. I love what the church does in advancing our resources. We have pioneers in every generation.!

We walked through so many rooms with beautiful paintings. I especially loved the room with all 12 original Arnold Friberg (who happens to be a member which I didn't know) paintings of scenes in the Book of Mormon. One of my nephews, Ryan, knew every story which surprised all of us. He is a good kid. This picture is in one of the large hallway areas. Our kids were a little restless at about this point so the picture taking was an annoyance to all, but after this pic was taken...Bronson took off. Both Jeff and I were a little distracted so he got a good head start.
I ended up going after him and he ran down the working escalator and I ran after him and caught up to him, but then I stupidly started going back up the going down escalator. This was getting me no where but tired. After a minute or so I lost my balance (along with my breath) and lost hold of Bronson and he went forward and hit his head on the perfect corner of the escalator step where the grooves come together. After another minute or two of hiking up the darn thing we got to the top and Jeff was there. Bronson was crying and I felt bad. Jeff didn't know he was hurt but in another minute the evidence was everywhere. Bronson had two big gashes in his head b/c his mom dropped him on an evil escalator in the Conference Center. Yes, many people have asked my why I didn't just go to the bottom and ride the other one up??? Yeah, I don't know why! Of course the tour guide had to tell us about one boy about 6 years ago who went over the top off the roof. He didn't die but no one knew for a few days. Thanks that helps!

Here are all the kids outside (actually before we went in) looking into the cool waterfall/fountain. What is it with kids and waterfalls? We could have spent the whole week there and they would have loved every minute. There was alot of parents saying,"No you can't get in. Please don't lean that far over." etc. We are such kill joys. Were we ever young?
It was a fun day. We got Bronson all cleaned up and you couldn't really see the damage at the reception. Who am I kidding? You could totally see it. Oh, well.