Friday, June 6, 2008

Monte L. Bean Museum At BYU

After the dinosaur museum on Wednesday we went to the Monte L. Bean museum on the BYU campus. This was also very fun for the kids. They always like looking at animals and this place actually had something for all of the kids. "Mitch" took the older kids and went around looking for certain animals. The younger kids got papers with pictures of animals for them to find. They were very excited to find something on their list and circle it.

This museum has animals of all kinds around the world. They had the scientific names and normal names and regions where they all come from. It was interesting. They even had a liger. I was excited to see it and when I finally did, it was weird. I looked at it trying to decide which it looked more like a tiger or a lion, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I guess that's why they call it a liger!

There was even a room for kids to just play with toys. Pretty much like a nursery at church. But it was great b/c they stayed busy while the other kids were still looking around. For some reason Bronson spent most of his time in there. I think the displays of animals he plays with (as toys) at home was a little overwhelming for him. He liked it but didn't want to look at any of it for very long. Most of the other kids loved it though. It was a great place to see.