Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've Still Got It!

They say that when you don't use the talents you have been given, after some time, they will begin to fade. I have seen this personally when I haven't used sign language for a while. It definitely takes time to get back into the groove of it all . I find it funny. I will be signing and think I know that sign but it just doesn't come. Then when I ask someone, its so obvious that I laugh again for not remembering.
I do not react the same way when I haven't quilted for a while. If I go to build a quilt, and I cannot remember what I am doing or I cannot figure out what I want to do, I become very frustrated. This is not something I want to lose if I can't do it every day. It's not even practical for me to try to quilt every day right now. But when I do try I want to be able to execute what's in my head.

I am happy to report that I have still got it...this week anyway. I made both of these this week. The first one I had started over a year ago and put aside. I used the iron on stuff with the grid. The lines/corners are exact. Its a pumpkin in case you aren't sure. My kids didn't know. I still have to do a stem/leaf and maybe put a face on it. The second one I totally made from scratch this week. I didn't even have a pattern. I just had a vision of something in my head. I love it. Also, I have already made the backing and the binding for the second one. So whenever it gets quilted, I am ready to go to finish it. The professional quilter's prices around here are pretty amazing, but they also have one place that will let you come in and do it yourself for practice. I am leaning toward that one but it will have to be after school starts. I have one other one planned, but want to take my time with it. It's on the difficult side.


meghannamarie said...

They look great! Good job, the things people can do is amazing!

Holly Child said...

Both of them are beautiful! And before I even read all the way down I thought to myself, "that first one looks like a pumpkin. I wonder if she meant to do that?" Funny, huh?! ;o)

Kandice & Rob said...


The Waits Gate said...

You are really good! I can't just imagine something up, well, I tried and sent it to Amy for Mason. I love all of your prints too. I just really started learning quilting before Christmas. We're doing a block of the month right now in our group, but the applique is not for a person with my little patience. So we'll see if it ever gets finished.
Your garden and yard look great too! You have been really busy. Your pretty amazing with 3 kids and a job and time consuming hobbies! Do you sleep?