Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Today is Jeff's birthday. He is rhliufhgfj years old! I am going to write down some things about why I/we love him and are happy to have him in our life. 1.) He has a great personality. 2.) He is a wonderful father. 3.) He is involved with the kids. 4.) He works hard for us. 5.) He is alot of fun. 6.) He can cook. 7.) He is very outgoing. 8.) He is active in our church. 9.) He has a great sense of humor. 10.) He takes care of us. 11.) He keeps our family on the right track. 12.) He takes the kids camping. 13.) He doesn't make me go camping. 14.) He shares the gospel with his friends. 15.) He puts up with my crazy ideas. 16.) He is an awesome husband. 17.) He is a man's man. 18.) He wore pink for me on Mother's Day. 19.) He loves the outdoors. 20.) He likes to be prepared. 21.) He makes me laugh. 22.) He loves me. 23.) He loves the kids. 24. ) He notices when the house is clean and tells me he appreciates it. 25.) He eats my awful cooking. 26.) He helps Kaitlyn with her school work. 27.) He makes sure we have scripture study every day. 28.) He provides for our needs, 29.) He lives the gospel. 30.) He protects us. 31.) He treats me so well. 32.) He is responsible. 33.) He is a family man. 34.) He is smart. 35.) He has a good heart.
Well, 35 seems like a good number to stop on. We are thankful for Jeff and all that he does for us. We are also glad he is off today so we get to spend the day with him. We hope this birthday is one of your best! Love you, Jeffie!


Chris and Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jeffy! ps.no...the real reason is because i have no athletic skills!!!

meghannamarie said...

Happy Birthday Jeffy! Looks like you had a great day! Love the cake photo! My present to you was not to call Monica all day! so there you go happy birthday!!!

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

You forgot he is the best shake-maker around!! Happy birthday Jeff!