Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Pics!

For Jeff''s birthday we made his favorite meal: Swiss Steak. Here is the family saying "Happy Birthday" as we snap the picture. And Jeff posing with his food.

For his cake we made his favorite: German Chocolate. Which turned out to be a hit with everyone but Madelyn. She had me scrape off the frosting. If you look closely at the candles, they say 83 that is because even though we had birthdays this year in which Bronson turned 3, Madelyn turned 5 and Kaitlyn turned 8 we could not find the 5 candle so I used what else we had! Ah, well. He is well on his way to 83 anyway!!!

After dinner and cake, we went to the church ball fields to watch Jeff play softball. This is him posing since I couldn't get a good, clear shot of him way out there in the field at night. Good game Jeffie. Hope you had a happy birthday!
The good thing about Jeff's birthday being over is now we only have MINE to look forward to for the rest of the year! Let the countdown begin...I will put up an actual countdown after tomorrow is over since it is our anniversary.
p.s. Oh, yeah, I have to add one more to my list of why I love Jeff...Look at the shirt he is wearing for me today. Its like he loves me or something. He has maybe worn this shirt four times including today since he got it almost nine years ago. I love it!


Holly Child said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! It's a good thing you didn't put sprinkles on his cake, Monica! You know how he feels about those! ;o) hahaha!

mahonica (you ugly) said...

Jeff can't believe you would remember that about him!! Pretty good!

Holly Child said...

hahaha....I just think it's such an odd thing for someone not to like sprinkles, I mean, how could I NOT remember it! ;o)