Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ninth Anniversary!

It's our ninth anniversary today! Other than putting it down on this blog, it has been an uneventful day. We are pretty much broke after traveling to Utah and planning to go to CO next week for a family reunion. We have to actually keep the money we have in the account to make that trip. Gas prices alone. I am sure after things settle back down later in the summer we will do something to celebrate. I also told Jeff that next year has to be big. I am already planning on either a trip or some jewelry. Or something I haven't thought of yet! Well I wanted to show pics of us nine years ago and now...Here is our engagement picture. It was taken about May 1999. I had to take a picture of a picture we had b/c I don't think we have any digital pics of our wedding/engagement era. Also I don't know how to retrieve pics after I scan them...This is probably the last decent pic that was taken of us.
Here we are about 8 months ago (October 2007). But again...not too many pics of us in the attractive category. Thanks to the professional dude who probably photoshopped until he fell asleep to make us look acceptable. I was gonna say that not much had changed but looking at the two pics, you can see that we have gotten older. That's what having kids does. That whole "the camera adds ten pounds..." yeah, its true but age also adds some extra poundage.
Anyway, I wanted to note that not only is today our anniversary but it is also the anniversary of many of our friends...I hope I remember all of you and get the right year to the right couple...
Aaron and Brandi Standage 6/26/97
Korryn and Scott Bernhardt 6/26/98
Zach and Lisa Hoggan 6/26/98
Chris and Ruth Huff 6/26/99 (same as us in fact the same exact time in the morning too)
I think that is all. Happy Anniversary everyone!!!


meghannamarie said...

happy anniversary! Hope you guys get to do something fun sometime to celebrate! I guess next year you should get to combine this year with it so maybe you should get to go somewhere fun like Austrailia!

meghannamarie said...

He I am leaving this comment to let you know I tagged you so go to my blog and check out what you have to do, by the way sorry!

Standage Klan said...

Wow I didn't know we shared our anniversary with so many people. We hope you had a great day!

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

Yeah for anniversaries!! Remind me to send you a picture of what Scott got me for our is FABULOUS!!