Friday, June 27, 2008

My Sister Tagged Me...

There are some rules about this tag. 1.) List 3 things about yourself in each catergory: joys, fears, goals, collections/obsessions, random/surprising facts 2.) Tag 5 people by listing their name at the end of the post 3.) Leave a comment on their blog telling them that they are tagged. Here we go:
3 Joys:
Things that truly bring me joy...hmmm
*My birthday-duh!
*My husband and kiddos
*Watching movies with either Brad Pitt or George Clooney (or both) in them.
3 Fears:
Things that truly freak me out...being honest here
*Talking about (sex)
*Getting cancer
*Jeff getting killed at the mine or hunting
3 Goals:
Things I would like to do or be doing...which I am currently not
*Save money to get a quilting machine
*Paint the rest of my house
*Go back to Hawaii (actually live there but one more goal I have is to stay married and I can't live in Hawaii and stay married so...I will just visit)
3 Collections/Obsessions
Things that I can't get enough way or another
*Movies, DVDs and probably soon Blu-Rays
*Projects. I love having something big to work on like painting my house or quilting, for example.
3 Random/surprising facts
Things most people don't know about me...
*I have anxiety about keeping in touch with old friends...I still do it but I always wonder how many of them are thinking why did she call me? Hence I don't call many people.
*I sang Tenor in college choir even though I had never sung anything but Soprano before...I got to hang out with about 100 guys...not bad for Monica.
*I sometimes feel guilty to Jeff about not having any more kiddos, but what do you do?

Okay now I tag (in no particular order) Shellee, Cher, Kimmy, Amelia & Holly


meghannamarie said...

Great tag I wish you could have read mine cause I mentioned you several times!!

Korryn Cook Bernhardt said...

Monica, are you coming to Colorado?? You had better call us!! If not, I'll be so hurt!!