Sunday, June 29, 2008

Primary Swim Party!

Yesterday we had a Primary summer swim activity. Our annual water activity where there are no songs, prayers, lessons etc. Just fun for the kids. Anyway, did I take a single picture? No. I brought the camera just didn't remember that I had. Ah, well. It was fun though and our turn out was about twice as many as our last activity. The kids swam and at the end we gave them a popcicle. That's it. My kind of activity.

Anyway, before all this, I took the kids to my parents to water their plants since they were out of town. I turned on the sprinklers for them to run around in for a while. They love this. Most of the time when we do this they have normal clothes on, but this time they were dressed appropriately. I got plenty of pics of this. We all got a little sun. My kids all had sunscreen on, but not me again. I am a little red/sore on my back and neck today. Hopefully it doesn't last too long.


meghannamarie said...
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Holly Child said...

Fun pics! I always forget to put sunscreen on myself as well!!!

meghannamarie said...

Looked like the kids had fun!!