Monday, June 30, 2008

One Week Every Month!

One week every month Jeff works the night shift. When this happens he comes home from work at about 9:00am every day, takes a shower, eats something and goes to sleep for about 7 hours until he needs to get up and leave again. Also during this week I have to keep the kids quiet all day so he can sleep. I have learned to yell in a whisper when they do things they aren't allowed to. Mostly (in this week) the only things they aren't allowed to do are things that are too loud and would wake Jeff up. We generally spend the entire day in the family room which is situated the farthest from our room and watch T.V./movies all day (see above pics). The kids can play with any toys they want to which are not loud toys and they have to do it in the family room. Seems easy enough, right?
This week exhausts me.
I am a loud person. I don' Plus, I feel guilty every time any noise happens. I feel like I am failing Jeff. The other thing is that Jeff never hears anything. He always wakes up saying how well he slept and how quiet everything was. You would think after about two months of this I would ease up and not try so hard...Wrong! I still feel guilty and stressed over the house being kept perfectly quiet for him. Funny thing is on the weeks when Jeff works during the day, our house is total chaos!