Saturday, June 7, 2008

One More And I'm Done

Okay this is the last post about our trip to Utah. I'm sorry it has been drawn out so much. It was just such a fun, wonderful trip that I want to get all of it recorded for posterity!
We were lucky enough while we were up there to see some of our old friends from Fort Collins. For some reason we didn't get pics of any of them but we did see them which made us happy. First, on Monday right after we unloaded the truck from the drive up there we met up with the Wittwers so Kaitlyn and Annika could see each other and play. What better place for an impromptu play date? The McDonald's playland in Lehi, UT. We were there about two hours before all of us had to get going. Thanks so much for making the trip down to see us for a bit.
Then on the way home we stayed in Manti Utah with our other friends from Fort Collins, The Christensen's. They are an awesome family. They now have five boys and they are BUSY to say the least. They are getting ready for the Mormon Miracle Pageant right now which pretty much the whole town is involved in. They also have a huge house they just built themselves. I mean everyone in that family helped put in the boards and nails and everything. It is beautiful too. They also have chickens which they showed Bronson and Madelyn how to catch; which is now a favorite past time if only we had chickens. Man! We got to walk around the BEAUTIFUL Manti Temple. This one has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. I was happy to get to take the kids there. Thank you to the Christensen's for letting us stay with you and catch up with each other. I am hoping next year we can get back up there at the same time as the Pageant so we can actually watch it.
When we got back we thought of soooo many more people we could have gotten in touch with while we were there. We felt really bad for being so absent minded. Then again it just means we will have to go back.

Then on the drive back home, we stopped in Hatch to get gas and decided we needed a pic of the family in front of the Hatch sign. So we all piled out of the truck and lined up. Of course Jeff was the photographer this time so not the whole family is pictured.


meghannamarie said...

Hatch is that why your blog is called just "hatched" five!!JK

Kandice & Rob said...

I love the picture of you and your little hatchlings by the Hatch sign! :)

Your vacation sounds AWESOME.