Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trip To Utah-Part 2

Well, I wanted to do a post on what we did between the wedding and the reception but I am waiting on some pics to show up...So I will post about what we did the next day.
We all stormed the Bridal Suite to see my brother and his new bride...hahaha
No! Nobody wanted to do that with me so we all went to Provo and visited a few museums which turned out to be really fun for the kids. The first museum was near the BYU football stadium and was all about dinosaurs. Some of the boys are really into dinosaurs so it was a great thing to do. Bronson is one of those boys but he seemed a little scared of all of it. I think he was excited to see stuff but did not want to get near or touch anything.
I still think he liked being there.

He was the last one to leave and Jeff had to pick him up finally
and carry him out. They had a bunch of exhibits with fossils and replicas and little facts. I am not convinced all of it was real but it was still cool. They also had a research room with partially recovered fossils still needing to be looked at etc...You could watch through a window but no one was there doing that stuff that day.
The fun thing about this trip, I think really, was all of us being able to spend the day together. All of the cousins played so well together and acted soo cute.
I couldn't get all the pics uploaded because I forgot to adjust the pixels when taking the pics so here are just a few. They had a couple different of these heads you could look at. There were signs that said "Do not touch" but come on. Safe to say that they

were all sufficeintly touched, climbed on and shaken. And that was just Jeff! Just kidding. Although he did have some fun there too!
Oh yeah, "Mitch" used to live in Orem. So she was basically our travel agent for this trip. She knew about all of these cute activities and if it wasn't for her we would have probably wound up sitting around trying to decide what we were going to do until it was too late to do anything so. Thanks "Mitch"!


Frasure Family said...

What a fun experience to see how large dinosaurs really were. I like the antlers Jeff. I like your new background Monica. It makes me feel like summer!