Monday, June 2, 2008

Trip To Utah-Part 1

Last Sunday after church we left for Utah to go see my baby brother Danny get married. This has been a long time coming since he is almost 27 years old and the last marriage that took place in our family was ours in 1999. We made the 14 hour trip in two shifts. Since Jeff wanted to go to all three hours of church before we left it put us leaving at about 2:15pm Sunday afternoon. So when we were pulling into Kanab at about 11:30 or 12:30 (I am not sure due to the time change), we decided to stop for the night. We stayed in a hotel and got a good night's sleep before continuing on on Monday. Everyone (all the brothers and sisters) had places to stay with family members in Provo area. We all (Dad, Mom, Uncle Mike, Monica, Jeff, Kaitlyn, Madelyn Bronson, Megan, Justin, Michelle, Eli, Parker, Emie, Kenny, "Mitch", Tyler, Ryan, Mckay, Brayden Danny & Gwen) met up on Monday night at Chuck E. Cheese for a fun night before the big wedding on Tuesday morning. I think we took some pics of that but I will look for them later.

We all took a vote and since it took Danny soooo long to get married, we thought we would give them a jump start on the next phase of their lives (and us too) and had all 11 of our kids sealed to them! No not really! But at our wedding the only baby was Tyler, the oldest, and he was about 8 months old then. I thought this was a fun pic with all the kids. Here are ours by the flowers while we were waiting for the professional photographer to tell us what to do.
Danny's mission president in now a general authority Richard G. Hinckley so he was able to perform the ceremony. Yes, he is the son of the late President Gordon B. Hinckley of the church. He spoke of him a little bit during the ceremony and I was a little bit shocked when he first walked into the room because he looks alot like his dad just younger. I was taken aback for a second thinking I had seen President Hinckey! I am not sure why no one took a picture of him though. He and his wife were very nice people to meet. I just found a picture of him on the internet so here he is. What a great nice man! And funny too!
The reception was at a place called The Memorial House in Memory Grove Park in SLC. It was really nice. It was an indoor/outdoor place. Here are the four grand daughters in their new dresses for the event. Danny's wife Gwen is the oldest and her twin sister got married last summer and her baby sister isn't married yet so we were the only side with grandkids. That meant that my mom went all out to get us fancied up and shown off! It was fun.
We have been planning for and getting ready for this for so long. Now that it is over I am a little sad. It was a really fun and relaxing adventure for us. Our kids were great the whole trip and we all got along with each other. Thanks Danny for getting married and giving us the chance to make some special memories. We love you and Gwennie too!


meghannamarie said...

I like all the pictures! I am glad that you remember things like the place they had thier reception! I can't remember things like that! Anyway I will be looking for parts 2-5!!

Frasure Family said...

Glad you had fun! I love the girls dresses! They are very pretty!

Carrick family said...

You went to Utah without visiting me!! oh I would love to see you. Fun for you guys to be up in Utah! I haven't seen any picture of you on your blog! You need to post it! Your kids are cute!!!

Holly Child said...

Beautiful pictures! What a fun family event! :o)