Saturday, May 24, 2008

That's A Wrap!

Well, it all went down this morning. We had a surprise last night when Jeff's sisters pulled in...They had driven all the way from Provo area. When they knocked on the door, we opened it to find a couple kids...Turns out that Jeff's sisters had caravaned down here with Jeff's brother and his family. Brian, Michele, Colleen, Keaton, Kevin and Logan. What a great surprise. We figured out where everyone would sleep and actually had enough food for the extra brood.

We had the baptism this morning at 10:00. She went first so they could add more water to the font for the later baptisms. Her water level was pretty low! It went very well. Kaitlyn was a little quiet, but I think she was pondering the day. Kaitlyn had asked Old Grandma Crockett and Grandma Armold to give the talks. Since she was the only baptism in our ward (other ward's baptisms followed at later times throughout the day) we were allowed to have anyone we wanted. Old Grandma is my grandma. When I was little I called her mother (my great grandma) "Old Grandma Jacobson." She did not like the idea of being called "great" grandma...Anyway, now that my grandma is a great grandma and her mother is no longer with us the tradition stuck and we call her "old." We all love it and its normal for us but most others when they hear it, feel a little outraged. Anyhoo, Jeff's mom, Grandma Armold, talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost and Old Grandma talk about baptism. We sang two of Kaitlyn's favorite songs, "I'm Trying ^To Be Like Jesus" and "When I Am Baptized" Dad did the baptizing and confirming and a Uncle Justin and Grandad Crockett gave prayers. We are very proud of Kaitlyn. She has been excited to be baptized this whole past year. It finally happened for her.

One thing that crossed my mind while Old Grandma Crockett was talking was that soon all her "sins' would be washed away and she would have a fresh start. A new beginning. I thought of all the times I had yelled at her and gotten mad at her. She is a good girl. I need to remember that. I felt like I should take the day and make a new start in how I look at her and not be so quick to yell and come unglued. Thanks Grandma!

Well, I will post some pics soon. There were many taken. We are leaving tomorrow to go to SLC for my baby brother Danny's wedding.


Frasure Family said...

I am jealous! I wish I was there!! What a surprise to have Brian, Michele and kids!!! I bet the kids had so much fun together!! Did Diana come down? I can't wait until the reunion to see everyone!!

Holly Child said...

Congrats to Kaitlyn!! What a special day! I remember the day she was born and holding that cute, teeny little girl most of the summer! ;o)

Kandice & Rob said...

Oy! You spoke right to me with the thought about how many times we've yelled at our kids and they're really pretty darn good. I needed to hear that, especially with school being out for a week already! :) Kinda put me back in my place.

Amy said...

Yea! I'm glad the baptism went so well! I wish we could have been there! We were all up at LaVon's Sunday for Clint's homecoming, and Grace was talking about how much she misses "little Kaitlyn" when she goes there!