Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bones Finale (warning: spoilers ahead!)

Okay I have to say that this whole last week I have been freaked out by the Bones episode on 5/12. At the very end of that episode Booth got shot in the chest (I cried, sobbed rather) and we had to wait until last night to see what happened. I almost thought they were going to make it the cliffhanger for the whole summer but yay! they didn't. Well, the first five minutes of last night's episode was at Booth's funeral. When I realized that this was happening I was on the edge of my seat going,"No friggin' way! They killed Booth off.???" I was about thisclose to calling Fox right then and there and ripping them a new one! I will not watch this show without Booth in it. But then the twist came and I saw that Booth was all well and good. And by 'good' I mean very good and mmm mmmm yummy. I was happy and my heart rate slowed down a bit. The finale was awesome and surprising (poor Zack) and now I am sad b/c I have to wait until the fall to see what's next. Hopefully they will get season 3 out on DVD soon. Love Bones!


meghannamarie said...

you are so funny! By the way My show Criminal Minds was a worse cliff hanger last night, someone actually dies and we won't kno who until next season! I think it is the pregnant blonde lady who just decided she was happy being pregnant and happy with her boyfriend why can't anyone be happy? They always kill someone off when characters decide that they are happy!