Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Rant

I hate Mother's Day season...okay? There I said it. I mean, yesterday my kids were so bad, they didn't listen to a word I said all day. I literally repeated myself about 2,000 times. Same thing so far this morning. "But, Mom we gave you a paper flower and a card that said 'I love you' on it." Uh huh. Yeah, I want you to act like you love me. Translation: obey me, listen when I am talking to you, pick up after yourself, and eat your food all gone!!!!
Anyway, that's my rant. Jeff did take me out to this movie on Saturday night. It was at the discount theatre and we had my parents watch the kids. Which is funny since we have lived here almost two years and we lived with them for
13 months, I think it was the first time Jeff and I went out alone without the kids and had Mom and Dad watch them. Funny isn't the word I wanted to use but I don't want to get all mad again. Anyway, it was a funny movie and I thought it was good. Jeff liked it and was happy it wasn't a chick flick. I just love George Clooney. He is so low key and laid back. His movies are always, well not all of them, but the ones I see are always humorous even if that is not the overall tone of the movie...whatever. I like him.
For Mother's Day I got a date with my husband, the kids gave me some paper flowers/cards from church, Madelyn shredded my card from her in the clerk's office. Jeff wore his bright PINK shirt I gave him as a gag gift for Christmas two years ago...The ward loved that. And I got to go shopping in Mesa without any kids/husband on Monday for a dress for my brother's wedding coming up at the end of the month. Not a bad "day" per say but I would like a little more cooperation at home on a more regular basis.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I feel the same! If only they could just be nice to us instead of making cards and being nasty!

I love Katelyn's dress. We've been having a hard time finding one Grace likes in her size . . . a lot of the pretty ones only go up to size 8. Tell her we think she looks adorable.

meghannamarie said...

This year mothers day for me was great. I got a 2 hour nap and I got a movie and a CD and a skirt. I am not trying to brag but I didn't blog my mother's day so I thought I would tell you on yours! Maybe I should blog mine so people won't get upset with me when I leave comments like this one on their blogs!!

The Waits Gate said...

Happy mother's day anyways! Mother's Day was great for me, but I almost killed them all for the mess they made with all their muddy camping stuff the day before.

How did you like the ending to bones on Mon?