Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quick Trip To Vernal

After the family reunion, we went to see Jeff's dad and step-mom in Vernal, Utah. It has been a very long time since we have seen them so we fit that into the plan. We stayed two nights and basically had one full day with them before we headed home on Tuesday morning.

The biggest hit of all while we were there was the kitties, who happen to be afraid of and averse to kiddos. Did that stop them from seeking them out at every opportunity? NOOOO! This poor kitty could not get a break. The kiddos sure had fun though.

We also roasted marshmallows and cooked hotdogs in their back yard and did quite a bit of looking around Vernal and seeing all the fun things to do. Believe it or not, that town has got quite the ammenities. I was especially impressed with their Rec. Center.

Monday night after our hotdogs we pulled out the four wheelers for the kids to ride with Gma and Gpa Hatch. They have a huge field behind their house which is perfect for four wheeling with kids. After the kids had their turn Jeff and I actually went out together for a little while, just in the field again so we could still keep an eye on the kids some. This was worth noting for one reason in particular...It was the first time I have been on a four wheeler since I think around October 1990. Why? You ask. Because that weekend in Oct.'99 was when I flipped our four wheeler over and cracked my head open and had to get my head shaved right in the middle for 11 stitches and missed school for a week. I can still picture the whole thing. There is probably only one other person who can b/c he witnessed it. Brandi ask Aaron about it. He was also there-actually driving- in 1989 when I fell off the back while we were attempting a small steep hill by our house and cut my head open (not as bad though). He was a dangerous friend!
Anyway, I was glad we stayed in the field and Jeff didn't go too fast for me although he did almost throw me off when we hit a hidden creek. I did have fun though. I might get on one again someday soon. Anyone have a four wheeler?


Frasure Family said...

Wish we could have gone with you! Althought I am sure it was crowded! I bet the kids had fun spending more time together! They sure love animals. I surprised you don't have any.

Kandice & Rob said...

Ha ha!! I love the pictures of the kids all smiling and happy while the cats are struggling for freedom. :) Makes me laugh.

DeeDee said...

Oh my holy crapolies! I can't believe you found me! I have thought of you guys so many times, since you left! I am glad we will be able to stay in touch.
I too, was just in Vernal...over the weekend! Too funny!