Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip To Mesa

We had to go to Mesa over the weekend b/c Kaitlyn had a Dr.'s appt. on Tuesday. We are going through all the red tape to get her started back up on growth hormone shots. Its been about two years since she has had them regularly and has only grown about 1/2 an inch in the last year which freaks me out. So I convinced Jeff (not hard to do) that she needs them. It won't be hard getting the insurance to approve them since she has her diagnosis of Turner Syndrome.

Anyway back to Mesa, I always try to go down there and stay for a day or so since it is a far enough drive. Making that trip and back in one day is nuts! Plus my sister loves it when I come! Jeff was working so I brought all the kids this time and I had the thought that I should do some school clothes shopping while I was there. Since we only have a Walmart, we have noticed that most of the kids around here wear the same things; all.of.them. Then I remembered that we will have two kids in school this time around. Yikes!

We went to a factory outlet mall and I got both girls all of their school clothes in one shop for only $140 total. I was being a bit nit-picky about prices though since they were having a sale. If anything had a price tag over $9.99 I put it back. I even thought twice about some $9.99 things. They both already have a fancy, impressive, pull-the-wool-over-the-teacher's-eyes-to-fool-them-into-thinking-they-are-good-pupils first day of school outfits, but after that we needed regular, even-though-I-am-clean-and-groomed-and-am-wearing-different-clothes-from-everyone-else-in-town-I-am-still-going-to-be-a-difficult-child-for-you-this-year-so-forget-about-what-I-had-on-yesterday clothes!

I am, of course, speaking primarily of Madelyn! Hopefully she learns about not being the queen all the time this year in school. I will post some pics of the clothes I got later.


meghannamarie said...

I do like having you come and shopping that day was insane but what can you do when you have what 6 kids!

Amy said...

So what store was it? It sounds like you got some awesome deals!

Kandice and Rob said...

I bow before your shopping skills!