Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book Club Extravaganza!

A couple of Days before the girly party, it was Mom's turn to host the book club. I occasionally attend this book club when I a) remember, b) have read the book and c) can get a baby sitter...The book for this month was called Hidden In Plain View about the underground railroad. It was about how [people against slavery] and slaves would use quilts as signals for helping slaves escape to freedom. I thought it was an interesting book and had never considered that subject before. It was a little textbook-ish. But since it was about quilts, it held my interest.

Since it was about quilts which Mom loves as well, and since it was Mom who was hosting this time, she went all out. I dare say she went overboard. She made about a half dozen different desserts all quilt themed. I got a pic of the table before everything was put out, but there were quilt shaped cookies, mini cakes, pizzas and a patchwork veggie tray. Plus she made Bear Claw pastries for the first time that day since the bear's claw was one of the quilt blocks used in the underground railroad code...They were delish, but she said it took 7 hours to make them; let alone all the other yummy treats.

Mom also had made two of each quilt block used in the code: one for a wall hanging and one for a bed sized quilt. I don't have those photos here, maybe when they're all put together. AND she also had a gift bag for each lady who attended. They drew from a bowl and got the name of a quilt block, then they went to the table and matched the name with the block on the bags. It was fun. We all got matching nightgowns...the only thing not quilt themed...these were book themed since we are a book club.

Thanks Mom. It was fun and you need to rest after that project.


meghannamarie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I even got a night gown and I didn't even have to read the book or go!

Amy said...

Holy cow! My book club is lucky if I vacuum that day!

The book looks good. I'm going to request it from the library . . . thanks for passing it along.

Kandice and Rob said...

Your mom rocks! :D

They live in Safford now?