Monday, September 22, 2008

A Kid's Perspective

I ran into a couple students from my class tonight at the Walmart. One is Deaf and so I was signing to him and introducing him to my kids...They have never met a true "deafy" I don't think. Anyway when they both left, this is what the kids said:
Madelyn and Kaitlyn: Were they your friends?
Me: Yes, they are in my sign language class.
Bronson: Is he your boyfriend?
Me: Nooooooo (with a seriously curious facial expression)
Bronson: Are you in love?
Me: Nooooo (higher pitch) at least not with him...
Kids are hilarious!


meghannamarie said...

Oh my gosh! Bronson is so funny! I spit when I laughed that is how funny I thought it was!

Holly Child said...

hahahaha!! That's so funny!!