Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Picasso!

Okay I never did this with Kaitlyn so I feel kind of guilty doing it for Madelyn now. But as far as I remember Kaitlyn never drew this well at that age. I am seriously impressed by Madelyn's artistic abilities. And I feel like showing them off a little. Here are some pics of drawings she has made recently all on her own. Here is a mouse she drew for homework of something that begins with "M" curly tail and all!
Here is a girl (probably Madelyn) catching a butterfly in a net. See how the butterfly swirls around in the air...Here is a Halloween scene. There is a witch, a ghost and a pumpkin. I believe the sideways thingy (in between the witch and the ghost) is the witch's shadow.Here is a dinosaur.Here is a frog.Here is Madelyn hanging upside down on the monkey bars. I am not sure about the dark hair.

Here is a giraffe.

AKA: the crown jewel; which I am not completely convinced she didn't trace from something although I haven't found anything in the house that she might have used~and yes, I looked. Again I cannot stress that we did not help her at all. She just draws pictures and then comes to us to show us. We don't even tell her what to draw. Its all in her head! It's good, huh?


Laura said...

I love kid art! So cute!

The Waits Gate said...

She IS really good! She adds a lot of detail to her pictures for her age. Most kids barely draw more than stick figure bodies and she does the whole shebang!

meghannamarie said...

She has a talent, not like her Aunt Megan who can't draw to save her life! Michelle can draw too I wonder where she gets it? Probably from you, mom and Justin and his dad can draw!

Carrick family said...

Ohhh cute!!! She is such a good artist!! She will be in the future! You are a good mom!! Yeah I think I am still insane to have 4th kid!!! AHH!

Rachel said...

Well, as a Kindergarten teacher I can tell you (unbiasedly) that her drawings ARE really good. Honestly. That's a lot of detail and thought in each picture. I was lucky to get some kids to draw ANYTHING, after asking them to do it or even telling them what to draw. I am very impressed. Hooray for smart, talented kids! ;)