Friday, September 26, 2008

Lucky Boy!

Last night Jeff took the kids to the library for "Meet The Author" night sponsored by the school and probably the library. I had to teach my class (as always) so I couldn't go, but this was one of the first times Jeff was home on the night of an event so the kids were really excited to get to go. They had fun games planned, refreshments, door prizes and of course the opportunity to buy the books written by the author (who was there~hence the name of the program). She writes books in English and, you can read the words in either language on the page while looking at the pic that goes along with the story. Anyway, I got to go at the very end b/c my class got out a little bit early. I walked in and Jeff says to me that Bronson inherited my "lucky" gene b/c he won one of the door prizes. Woohoo! We love free stuff.
I actually never win stuff like door prizes. I am more lucky in the happen-to-walk-by-when-someone-passes-out-free-movie-tickets-or-gift-cards category etc...which by the way has not happened to me once since I moved to AZ (hmmm). But I love it when I do win a door prize and I consider it a talent of mine when my name gets drawn even though it has nothing to do with my abilities.
He won this book by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford and she signed it and wrote a little message for him. Cute. Not something we would have picked out but since we won it (and it has a personalized message to Bronson) we will keep it. They also had this craft center where the kids could put together a twig of Rosemary, a mint sprout and a cinnamon stick tied with ribbon...I didn't get to hear the explanation of that one but they all smell great! Fun night!


Laura said...

AWESOME!! I never win anything!!

meghannamarie said...

How fun! I bet Jeff had a good time doing that for the kids to! Bronson is getting so skinny, that picture is so cute! I won a door prize once a while ago. It was really nothing but a bunch of crap! but I won something!