Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You Might Say I'm Stressed!

This is the yoga program I use. I got it on ebay, but its also on amazon here.
I started doing yoga over five years ago when I pretty much had insomnia. I actually came up with the idea all by myself but my Dr. also agreed it would help me. I tried it and loved it. Its soooo relaxing. Not to say I have done it every day of my life since then. I have probably done it a total of one half year's worth since I started, but I can totally tell the difference when I do it. I have been overly stressed out lately. Physically I can tell b/c my back and upper neck are so sore and tight. I also get headaches etc...But do I ever take the time for me? What? How can I with a hunting husband? Last night I did my yoga for the first time in ages. As I was doing it I could feel my muscles let go a little. I slept okay, this morning I did it again and I immediately felt better as I was doing it. It has been a very long time so I know the results won't show for a while but the little I did feel this morning makes me motivated to keep it up.


The Waits Gate said...

Keep it up! I am so glad Sam doesn't like hunting. I wouldn't be able to take it. At least with school I knew there would be an end. I love yoga too! I don't do it very often, but it helps keep muscles loose. I even had the boys doing it for a while. That was funny and not as relaxing for me.

Laura said...

WAY TO GO!! I need to get back to that- you really do feel great!

Laura said...

I think I have this video too- better go find it and blow the dust off of it!