Sunday, September 7, 2008

You Set Me Up!

So, I got a phone call on Friday from the mom of one of the girls in Madelyn's kindergarten class. (We happen to know each other from college so not a complete stranger.) At first I thought it was something bad like one of the kids got hurt and she needed me to help out or something...Here's how it went down...
Phyllis: Monica, my daughter keeps telling me that your daughter says she (her daughter) can come to her (my) house to play.
Me: Really? Thats funny. That doesn't surprise me at all!
Phyllis: Both my boys are going to friend's houses after school today and I would invite Madelyn to our house but I am working. I feel bad but can Kestin (her daughter) come to your house after school?
Me: Sure. That's no problem. Just have her ride the bus home with Madelyn and Kaitlyn.

Here is a pic of the girls having a tea party in their room. It seems a little blurry. Sorry!
Madelyn spent most of the time telling Bronson he was not allowed in there and making signs that said "girls only" etc...while Kaitlyn played with Kestin.
The thing is, I am not good at making play never crosses my mind. My kids have only had a few play dates and most of them have been set up by the kids themselves. When I was growing up, my best friend lived right next door. We just saw each other all the time we never had to set time aside for playing. Plus it was the eighties which rocked! So I am not complaining about what happened Friday I am just stating that I need a good kick in the butt when it comes to being a better mom and providing more kid on kid interaction. It was fun and Kestin is adorable! So funny to see the kids of people you knew long ago and what kinds of influences they have had with raising them and teaching them etc...Ah, life!


Amber Nish said...

I totally here you on this one!! My poor girls have never had friends in the neighborhoods that we have lived in. It is so tough, cuz I just dont set up play dates...especially after school. And, over the summer, you can for get it! But, you have given me reason to adjust my thinking. Maybe we should set aside a certain day of the week (or even 2 if it is workable) that are play date days! I think for sure, both of my girls should have a friend on the same day, avoid conflict is always my best answer! Too bad we dont live close together, we could just swap houses, hehe! Then you could really see how I have raised my kids, and laugh about it after they have gone home! Have fun!!