Monday, September 8, 2008

I Found The Pants!!!!!

For the past two or three days I have been looking for a pair of my husband's pants and it has been driving me crazy. I am NOT the kind of person to lose pants. I mean, you wear the pants you put them in the laundry, I wash (and dry) the pants, fold them and put them away until the next time you wear the pants. So where are they. I remember seeing them in the drawer not too long ago. My husband did work, go hunting, come home and (proceed to unload all of his filthy clothes from hunting for me to clean while he went back to work~no resentment there). I did the wash including his filthy stuff and now his pants are gone.

I have looked in all the drawers. Actually taken everything out of the drawers in case they were hidden underneath what I had already picked up and looked under. I went to the garage and looked through all his camping stuff. Nothing. I went through my drawers and the kid's drawers. Nothing. What else. I looked in my big box of denim which I will use for many a picnic/mountain/Fourth of July fireworks at the fairgrounds quilts. Nope. I even looked behind the drawers in the dresser in case they might have fallen to the back and then I looked behind the washer and dryer in case they fell back there. Nada. My thoughts turned to what if I did something to the pants without what if I put them in the garbage? or what if I took them to the thrift store when we got rid of a bunch of stuff three months ago (even though I saw them in the drawer last week) or even what if I used those pants and stuffed them to make a scarecrow for our front yard since the fall is coming up soon and it would be a cute decoration??? As you can see, I have actually lost my mind as there is no such lawn decoration currently in front of my house. Some of you might not understand the nightmare this has been for me and my OCD. NIGHTMARE I tell you!
Last night the very first thing my husband said to me when he got home from work was, "Did you find my pants?" The VERY FIRST THING. He even had me call my sister and ask her if her husband had taken them when they were here last weekend. I accused my brother-in-law of stealing the pants. I have been lying in my bed (waiting for my hair to air-dry so I don't have to use the hairdryer~ugh!) wracking my brain as to where these magic disappearing pants might be. Literally, every time a thought comes to me as to where I could look; I spring up and go check to no avail. UNTIL the thought came, check the laundry baskets...don't laugh...Right now I only have a few items in one basket which means that all the other baskets are stacked up inside each other underneath the one with stuff in it. I jump up, run to the laundry room, pull up the first basket with clothes in it. Nothing. Pull up the next one and (angels singing the HALLELUJAH CHORUS HIP/HOP MIX as I raise the roof in utter joy!) there.are.the.pants! Do you hear the voice of Tony Shalhoub as Luigi in CARS when he finally sees the real ferarri at the end(?) because I do! I am so happy that I am not even going to try to figure out how it is that I missed them the last two or three times I have done laundry. I need a nap! Sweet dreams.


Laura said...


meghannamarie said...

Yea I am glad that I can bring Justin home out from under that spotlight! I never really thought it was him but...I am glad you finally found the pants now we can all remember these as Jeff's so special pants that he made you look for 2 days to find them!

The Benfield's said...

You are ridiculous and I love it.

Kimmy said...

you know when his mom bought the light/chandelier, i was thinking that it looked a lot like yours...but i couldn't remember exactly. as far as your question about disneyland-about an hour and a half or so. not too bad.

Kandice and Rob said...

Door opens; door closes. "Did you find the pants?"

"Yes, I had a wonderful day, thanks for asking... and you?"

Rachel said...

I invited you again. I had your email address wrong...I left out the 6. So, this time it should work. Let me know if it doesn't.