Monday, October 13, 2008

The Decision

Well, I didn't go to Pima yesterday to interpret for that guy. As I got to thinking about it, the week they were talking about was General Conference weekend anyway so she was probably already where they were going and they were probably tired of watching her the whole time. Anyway, I will see them tomorrow in class and be able to explain to them why I can't. I had come up with a compromise. My parents live in Thatcher, the town in between here and Pima. They just got called to be part of the leadership in a new YSA ward there. I was going to be willing to do it if they would agree to transfer their membership to Thatcher and attend that ward b/c I could have my kids watched somewhat by my parents while I 'terp. I know that the ward they meet in is at the same time as the Pima ward. We would both have to travel about the same distance. The only thing is that with the rivalry between those two stakes it might be difficult to get permission to transfer especially with an interpreter already in the Pima stake. We'll see what they say. My wrists are still not great after that steroid shot almost two weeks ago. Sheesh!