Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inside Bronson's Head

Its been weird just having Bronson home during the day. He has done such a good job of keeping himself entertained and not getting into too much trouble. I am really happy. Not to say that I just stick him in his own place all day and ignore him, but he has not been as needy as I thought he would be. We (read: Jeff) have been trying to potty train the little rascal. He is over 3-1/2 years old and still has no interest. We have given him so many rewards when he has gone only to take them back when he has an accident a few hours later. He isn't mad or sad about losing his reward he just runs around like he doesn't care. My hope is that someday he will just tell us he's ready and do it. Done.
This picture is more than a year old.

Anyway, I have been keeping some of the funny things he does and says around the house in my head and before it gets too full or they get pushed out with other nonsense I wanted to put them down to remember. He really is a funny boy! Hope you enjoy like I do!
If someone makes him mad or hurts his feelings: I'm not going to marry you any more.
Talking about a girl in Madelyn's class: I love her. She's my girlfriend. (He's never met her)
His favorite song lyrics to sing: Oops I did it again, I played with your heart, got lost in the game, ooh baby baby...I have no idea where he got that since I have NEVER played that song once.
When his pants are tight and leave a mark on his waist: Mom, I have skid marks! That one *cracks* me up!
If anyone has wrinkles on their knees (from sitting weird or too long): Oh, (sadly) you're old.
His new nickname (he only answers to this now): Freddy Bubba Hatch (Freddy is from Nim's Island the lizard/chameleon thing which he carries his own stuffed lizard thing named Freddy around on his shoulder to play and Bubba. Well, I don't know where that came from but he loves it).

Cowboy Bronson

Eating dinner he loves spinach b/c Popeye get bigger and stronger muscles eating we had green chili burritos the other day and he kept looking at the chilis with some doubt...I told him they were cowboy spinach. He ate them right up. Now every meal he asks if we are going to have cowboy spinach.
Singing the ABC song: Maybe C D E F G...
Picking out a movie to watch: I want to watch the fox man! (aka: Robin Hood)
When I was cutting his hair last week: Oh, mom, you're gonna cut all of them? (when I didn't stop after the first stroke with the clippers).
When I use my mouthwash: Mom, is that green water poison?
There was a chubby girl at the bus stop: She looks like Tracy (Turnblad from Hairspray!~Nice I know!)

Sweet Bronson

I am sure there are more I am forgetting, but I can always add them later. He sure is sweet.


meghannamarie said...

Oh He is cute! I loved the skid mark one and the maybe c d e f...
So funny

Frasure Family said...

So cute! I can't wait til Mason starts talking! Wish we lived closer to play together!

Laura said...

That is cute! What a little man!

Jaren said...

You just have to get him to change his name from Freddy Bubba to Dirks and your dream will come true!

Rachel said...

What a crack up. Of course, being your child, I would expect nothing less. :)

Kimmy said...

cowboy spinach. i will have to remember that one. how cute. i miss you guys so much. they are getting to be so grown up! love you!