Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Would You Do?

Here's what went down last night in my class:
The guy who I posted about seeing in the Walmart a couple weeks ago asked me how my interpreting skills were...I said Excellent. (I was being sarcastic b/c I didn't know where he was going with his question and since I have been keeping the class up to date on my nerve testing/carpal tunnel status, I figured it was rhetorical.)
Guy In Class: Oh b/c I need a favor.
Me: What?
GIC: Well, there is this crazy lady who ...
Me: (after I figure out that its not just a quick request, but rather a long drawn out story building up to the request) Let's talk about this after class.
GIC: Okay.
After class he comes up and says that his friend (the Deaf one from Walmart) just recently was baptized and they had talked to their bishop saying he really needed an interpreter. So the bishop said he would take care of it. Then on Sunday they showed up to church, late of course b/c they are college guys, and there was a lady there harping on them b/c she had been waiting for him and was going to interpret for him etc...They apologized and said that if they had known she would be there it would not have happened. Anyway, he basically tells me that now this lady is practically stalking them and showing up to all things where they will be to interpret; whether she has been invited to attend or not including discussions, devotionals, etc...I think they wouldn't mind her except she has made it her business to be in their business now all the time. I know this lady and it kind of keeps with her personality but it might be slightly exaggerated.
So they want me to interpret for him. Its in another town and its after my church gets out. So I would have to go to my ward every week and then drive 8 miles one way after my ward gets out and 'terp for this guy during sacrament meeting. The friend said he could do the rest.
I'm like...are you serious? Thats like an extra 2-2 1/2 hours to my Sunday. Plus I have kids and my husband is working every other weekend. I know they are single and therefore don't think about the crap thats involved with all of this, so thats fine, but it would seriously be rough. Not to mention the fact that I HAVE been keeping them updated on my wrist saga. So you would think they would just leave it be. I feel guilty for not wanting to do it, but I just don't see why they can't just deal with the other lady. (I also know how it feels for someone to specifically ask for another interpreter after having had me...not so much fun. They actually moved to another stake so I wouldn't be the one who interpreted for them~jerks!).
So tell me what you think...go ahead and judge me. Tell me what you would do or what you think I should do or come up with a solution that might make us all happy. Please feel free to preach, revolt, or back me. I just wanna know. It might help me decide.


Yvonne said...

I feel for your dilemma. Giving service with a willing heart can be a hard thing sometimes. We drive an hour and a half (one way) every Sunday (with the twins) to 'terp for the Deaf group in Honolulu. That's 3 hours of driving folks..not to mention giving people rides home afterwards, terping for bishop interviews after church, extra meetings, and quite often being criticized for one mistake or another with no mercy. Sometimes it really sucks but we can't live without the blessings that are (hopefully) being accrued up in Heaven for us.

Yvonne said...

Man, that sure sounded like I was complaining didn't it?? Maybe I am....just a little bit. I your wrists...they are the only two you will ever get. Explain to the boys that with your sweet little family and aching arms, it just doesn't work for you right now.

meghannamarie said...

I would do it for the every other Sunday! I would tell them that you could do it but only on the Sunday's that Jeff is home to watch the kids. So maybe at one point they would get to know and like the other lady then you would be dropped like a lead balloon again Just Kidding! But then they could get used to other people who sign, I tried to spell intrepreters but I thought I couldn't so I went with other people who sign, but I think I got it right?!?

Kimmy said...

i agree with your sister. how about every other sunday? they are asking a lot, but i am sure you will be blessed for it.good luck!

Amber Nish said...

Really, I hate to go against the grain, but I say dont do it! I respect service and all, and could always use some extra blessings, but they have someone to fulfill this role. They may not like her, but that is not your responsibility. If you dont like your sunday school teacher, do you go ask someone else to teach for them..NO!! This is the same thing in my opinion! Not to mention that your arms are just not in good enough shape for that, and unless a person has experienced the same kind of problems, they wont understand what it can do to you! (can you tell I deal with pain most of my days?) So, I say you find a way to get out of it, and go home to be with your family:) Well, I think I just got bumped down a kingdom in the hereafter...good luck!!

Korryn said...

Ha Ha Ha! I am just thinking of the good ole' Cache La Poudre Ward and your interpreting saga here!!! Boy I sure do miss you!

The Waits Gate said...

I agree with Amber Nish! I don't know her, but I agree! Plus you'd be taking away the opp. for this other lady to serve right? And I'd say save your wrists. If it were you're calling, I'd say differently. Anyways, I'm on top of many service opps, but also have learned it IS okay to say no especially when they already have an interpreter. It's not like they have no one. They need to bite the bullet and tell the lady to back off.

Rachel said...

Not that my opinion counts for much but just because you have the ability to do something doesn't mean you HAVE to. You're still helping other by teaching your class. And like you said, you DO have 3 kids at home and a husband you only see every other weekend. Just say no. I know, easier said than done. My sister and I have decided somehow we got a "can't say no" gene. Service is good but you can't do everything. Even the scriptures tell you that. And don't feel bad about saying no!! (I'm in a situation where I wish I had said no but now I'm stuck for a year...) Blah. It isn't worth being frustrated everytime you do it.