Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas has come and gone and I am ready to post about it and move on.

Jeff likes to let the kids open up a single present on Christmas Eve. I don't like this so much but since it is a tradition for Jeff's family we went ahead. They got pajamas so that they would look cute in the morning with fresh new pjs. Jeff said they could open one other gift so I pulled out some flashlights from their stockings. The kids love flashlights. They were happy and I didn't feel cheated for Christmas morning by letting them have anything too great! I am a mean mom, I know.
Kaitlyn got High School Musical pjs, Madelyn got Tinkerbell pjs and Bronson got The Incredible Hulk pjs. Cute kids!
I love the pics when their eyes are barely open from waking up so early and being so excited about presents and Santa. Jeff and I went to bed about 1:00-1:30 on Christmas morning. We had everything done and ready by 11:00 (kids went to bed around 10:30) but we stayed up and watched about five episodes of Arrested Development. Its hilarious. You should watch it sometime. Mom and Dad woke us up knocking on our door at 7:30. We got the kids up and went to the bathroom and brushed teeth before coming out to see if Santa had visited us.
Bronson got a few less gifts and toys than the girls b/c we had something big for him. I made a simple scavenger hunt for him to follow. Just pictures that lead to the next clue. Finally he found his bike and road it into the family room. He was very excited.
After Christmas morning opening of gifts, we went to my Uncle Jon and Aunt Leslie's house for Christmas breakfast which was delicious. We saw all our cousins and Grandmas and visited and played. I love that about Christmas morning. So relaxed and fun. I have pics of that on my dad's camera. I will have to upload them and then add them later. Think fun and family!
The rest of christmas day we spent hanging out and watching the kids play with their new loot. We went to Mom and Dad's house at 5:00 for Christmas dinner which was also delicious. As far as I am concerned it was a great day. I can't wait for next year! Well, maybe a little.

Yesterday it was so cold, by my standards. At one point Jeff came in from the garage and said did you know it's snowing...? Are you serious? It wasn't much at all but it was still very cold. These pics show how liittle we got. The first is when we first noticed it and called my sister in Mesa and my parents. The second is a little later when we saw it was actually sticking. The last is from this morning when I woke up to see a bright glare out the window. It stuck just enough to blind everyone. Now its gone. Yay!


meghannamarie said...

you are so on top of everything your Christmas morning looked so fun Bronson's pjs are so funny!