Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New Routine!

Last Friday my girls brought home notes from the school transportation department stating that due to overload on their bus and that we live in a walk zone they were no longer permitted to ride the bus effiective Tuesday December 16th. This morning we obediently drove them to school and dropped them off in the pick-up/drop-off lane. That is the easy part. The part that I know will go awry is when school gets out and scatterbrained Madelyn just wanders around until someone points her in the right direction. It's been a nice run with the bus stop directly in front of our house. I could send them out the door and watch them climb on the bus every morning without having to worry about getting dressed or going out in the cold. Now that's all changed. I also have to remember to take them every day and be available every day at 3:25 to get them. there have been times when we have been at the store or something only to come home and find the girls either outside the house waiting or inside (after we had a key made for Kaitlyn). We had specific instructions about not letting anyone in or answering the door or phone unless it was us. Kaitlyn did a great job of this. Maybe we should move or change schools...or maybe I should just suck it up and take responsibility for my kids! haha! I am not mad but my morning routine has been shaken up. This might throw me off for a while.
On a happier note: Mamma Mia comes out today! Woohoo!