Sunday, December 14, 2008

Church Drama!

I just have to vent this...Hopefully I don't offend people. Something that really peeves me off bad is when people use any excuse they can think of to exclude the church from their lives. You could be discussing something completely unrelated and if you happen to have a difference in opinion...BAM! Now they refuse to go to church or get a priesthood blessing or whatever b/c your opinion was different from theirs on grocery stores or movie rentals. Drives me CRAZY! Should I feel guilty about it when people use ME as their excuse? Last I checked, I wasn't a commmunist or murderer. In which case I could see someone being skeptical about seeing me in church, but I am a pretty normal (OCD aside) and decent person. Plus if they really don't like me, they could completely avoid me altogether and I bet they would still get what they need out of church by GOING! I know deep down that the people who have this kind of "testimony" are not truly converted and would look for any excuse to refrain from attending church. But I still feel like what am I suppose to do? Why are they blaming me?


meghannamarie said...

WOW what is going on? YOu will need to call me and explain!