Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Summary

Well, here we are on my 34th birthday. It actually just turned to the minute I was born in 1974. (9:56pm) I haven't blogged about Thanksgiving; which seems pointless to do so now. But for journaling purposes, I will proceed. Mostly in pictures. With the small notes that it was fun, the family always has a great time together. Grandma is so cute and sweet. Danny and Gwen drove down from Logan, UT to be here. All of my family was here. Some of our cousins were able to come. There was tons of food. Four turkeys, pies, and kinds of rolls. Afterwards, we rested, played, watched movies, played games and went shopping the next morning. We even got an enormous and bright rainbow (scroll down to see). Love Thanksgiving.


Sarah said...

UM!!! Happy Birthday!!! It was your birthday on the 3rd right!! I can't believe you didn't post a huge birthday post. Sorry I didn;t do this on the 3rd but I've been way under the weather but I was thinking about you! Dave say's Happy unbirthday!! We miss you tons! Hope you had an awesome day!