Thursday, February 19, 2009

Awww So Sweet!

I wanted to post this on Valentine's Day but things were a little busy. I still think its good and entertaining so for the month of February I will share. Grab someone you love and enjoy!


Amber Nish said...

OK, that is both sweet and funny!! It actually kinda makes me miss signing..if it werent for the fact that it totally killed my arms and hands!! But when he signed the part about "giving my hands to you with all my heart" and you saw that beating hard in his hand, well...that was funny!! ASL is quite a creative language now isnt it! And, thanks for the blog comment! I will not take you off my list..well actually, I have not put you back on since you changed your stinkin blog name!! I really need to update several things on there!! But, I do need to take baby steps! The only problem is that I dont watch t.v. until all of the kids are in TIVO! SO while it is is not actually taking away from our "family time" per se..just my time to get stuff done and sleep, but hey...there is always tomorrow right?! OK, enough ramblings...thanks for the fun post!

Amber Nish said...

OK.. that is supposed to say "beating heart" not "nbeating hard" I am a dork!