Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let Me Sum Up!

February has been a busy month for us so I thought I would sum things up in one post. Hopefully you won't care too much if some of these tidbits have already been touched upon.

The week after Kaitlyn broke her collar bone, Madelyn got sick with something. She had no appetite (which is huge) and she just lied around all day. So we kept her home from school a couple days. Here she is that Monday. She slept most of the day and didn't eat much. Just like that both girls' perfect attendance for the year was slashed. I also woke up one night and found Bronson asleep with his light on lying there like this (see above photo). It was so cute. I snapped a picture.

Early in the month we got a packet in the mail from some cousins in Ohio. Brandon was having a project for his class based on a character in a book called Flat Stanley. Each kid colored a picture of Flat Stanley and sent him across the country to see what adventures he could have. We took Flat Stanley out to the desert to take a picture near some cacti (correct use of plural-pat on the back for me). It was fun to look around for different kinds and surprisingly we had to search for more than we thought. We could not find a wild Saguaro though. We found some in peoples' yards but none growing wildly. It was fun and we got some good family photos.

We also went back out to the temple grounds site and took another picture with Flat Stanley to commemorate him being with us for that occasion. It was windy the day of so he stayed in the car. He was also there for Bronson's birthday party!

The girls also decided to make their own Valentine's Day boxes for this year's parties at school. They hold a contest every year but we had not participated in that as of yet. The only requirements are it has to be a shoe box and it has to have a hole in the top for the cards to go into. We found two shoes boxes and got out the Popsicle sticks and paint and some wooden heart shapes I had on hand. In my mind they looked very different than the actual final outcome. But they did it all themselves. I helped with the "super hot glue gun" (as the kids called it) when the regular glue wouldn't attach to the boxes.

Bronson painted too and the next morning I found a third box for him to glue stuff on. They were so proud of their work but alas it was not enough to convince the judges. Neither of their boxes won any kind of prize. We still had fun and they loved it!
We did the girls' hair cute a couple times for the week of Valentine's Day. I like how it turned out but the work involved was more pain than gain. I will probably do it again next year though.
And here are the kids one day when Jeff was working on the truck or something. I don't know exactly but I saw him uploading this picture and he just said they were all standing there ready for a picture so he went in and got the camera...Funny!


meghannamarie said...

I love the picture of B asleep with the book, to cute! I also loved "Flat Stanley", that was fun. Looks good for March lots of stuff coming up!

Chris and Ruth said...

Flat Stanley sounds like a fun project; it looks like you had fun helping out with his project as well. Their Valentine's Day hair looks cute.

Korryn said...

You are just busy bees aren't you!? You should come to Colorado to play, hee hee!