Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nostalgia In Baseball

Today we went to the college to watch the baseball and softball teams play, I think, their first games this season. It might have just been two home games that they wanted to promote attendance to. Anyway, they had free tacos, beans, and rice and brownies and soda...Yum and FREE! Bonus! So we watched the boys play for a while and they just sucked. Sorry, but they did. They didn't even get a hit until the 6th inning. Meanwhile, the other team had 9 runs by that time. So after being annoyed and bored and HOT in the sun I took Bronson down to the grass to play while I sat in the shade. We stayed there for a couple innings at least and then Jeff joined us. We decided to go check out the girls playing on another field when someone told us they were creaming the other team. Sure enough, we got there and it was the third inning and it was 18-0 our team. We watched for a while. It was really HOT so after a while I took Bronson for a walk thinking it would trigger Jeff's mind to say let's go which it didn't. We walked around the whole recreation area and back to the girls' playing field. Then we went back to watch some more of the boys since they were both double headers. Anyway finally, to save the day the school nurse called and said Madelyn was wheezing at school and they don't have an inhaler so we left to go take care of her. It was fun to get out but the games could have been more exciting and it was HOT. I, of course, don't have any pictures of this, but the proof is in the sunburn I got on my arms, neck and legs. I am a total farmer now!
It was so fun, though, to be back at the field and watching games like I did many, many, many years ago. It felt different but a little the same. I loved E.A.C. and I am glad I get to check out the scene there every so often. Go Gila Monsters!


meghannamarie said...

Sadly to say...I never went to a softball/baseball game at EAC:)